Monday, February 17, 2020

Question about Zantac containing carcinogens.


My name is Courtney, I'm part of the Community Outreach team for Florin|Roebig, a firm focused on those that have been victimized or taken advantage of. Most of our clients are not able to afford lawyers so we provide all of these services for free. Because of our passion for community involvement, we've created these guides to share information about nationwide problems and possible legal action. 

Late 2019, FDA released a statement alerting patients and healthcare providers of a safety concern regarding the drug, ranitidine, commonly bought under the brand name, Zantac. The test findings demonstrating toxic levels of a carcinogenic ingredient known as NDMA. 

Personal injury lawsuits claim these drug makers marketed and sold drugs contaminated with toxic amounts of NDMA, without disclosing the health risks, such as cancer-causing effects, to the government or the public. Because of this, people across the US have joined lawsuits against Zantac.

Consumers and their loved ones are understandably concerned about the recent statements. It's important to make this information much more accessible than it's been in the past. In this guide,, we touch on points such as: 
  • Types Of Cancer Linked To Zantac
  • What To Do If You've Taken Zantac
  • Types of Damages Awarded 
  • & much more. 
Perhaps you'd be interested in checking it out and sharing it as a resource? I look forward to hearing back from you!  

Courtney Collins
Outreach Specialist
Florin | Roebig Trial Attorneys