Friday, August 31, 2012

67 days to go


We've only got 67 days left until the election, and every single day is critical in the fight to turn America back around.

In just a few hours, the campaign will hit a crucial fundraising deadline for our cause. Make it count.

Donate $15 or more before midnight to help the Romney-Ryan ticket defeat Barack Obama:

This week's convention was an incredible celebration, but we've got a fight ahead of us.

Let's win this thing.


Zac Moffatt
Digital Director
Romney for President, Inc.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liberal and Conservative Voters Applaud 2016 The Movie

In Theaters Now
2016: Obama's America
2016 The Movie Blasts into the Top 10!

2016 broke into the top 10 films this weekend. "The movie capital didn't see this coming". Gerald Molen, the producer, known for Schlinder's List, Jurassic Park,and Hook commented:

"We've gone out of our way to make a movie that's fair and truthful. And these numbers tell me that the American people agree with that assessment."

-Gerald Molen / Hollywood Reporter

Liberal and Conservative Voters Applaud

We are hearing of cheering and ovations in theaters. It is a truly exciting experience to go to this film. "Virtually everyone applauded" at the Palladium in San Antonio. The response to this film, by everyone has been amazing: "I didn't want to see it, but I am glad now I did. I am going to take some more friends."

Now in over 1,700 theaters!

Thank you for your support last weekend. Because of this unprecedented success we are expanding! "Right wing blockbusters rule" is the new mantra, with the news outlets raving about how Obama's America "came out of nowhere to burn up the box office". Help keep this film growing in theaters and expanding in more theaters near you. Take some friends this weekend and forward this e-mail to your friends!

Exclusive film clip: Obama and Kenya and his Grandmother
Current Theaters and Maps

Find a list of Current Theaters by going to

We will be in over 1,700 theaters starting on August 31.
Map of locations:

The 2016 Obama's America Team

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Monday, August 27, 2012

RNC Convention and Momentum

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Volume 80 -- August 27, 2012

*** 2012 Republican National Convention -- Tampa, Florida ***

History will be made this week as we nominate Governor Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States, at the 40th Republican National Convention!  Be sure to catch all the televised excitement, and keep up with events as they happen by visiting the official website, your first source for news and information about the Convention.

You can also learn about our Party's history, share some Conventional Wisdom (the Convention's official blog) and learn about "Convention Without Walls," an innovative program that allows you access to the convention from anywhere in the world.

And while you're browsing the site, don't forget to "circle" us on Google+, "friend" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We want YOU to be part of this historic convention conversation!

2012 ELECTION COUNTDOWN:                               Follow us today on:   

Election Day:   71 Days                                                      Facebook Twitter youtubebutton                     

Tried and True
Governor Romney explains how his invaluable business experience makes him exactly the right man to tackle America's economic woes and return us to the path of prosperity.  (Mitt Romney, "What I Learned at Bain Capital: My Business Experience Taught Me How to Help Companies Grow -- And What to Do When Trouble Arises. When You See a Problem, Run Toward It Before the Problem Gets Worse," Wall Street Journal, 8/23/2012)

Declaring Energy Independence
"Speaking at a rally in Hobbs, New Mexico on Thursday afternoon, Mitt Romney formally introduced his energy independence plan and emphasized the importance of such independence to America's economic strength and global leadership."  (John Hayward, "Romney in New Mexico: 'Energy Independence is Key to American Leadership," Human Events, 8/23/2012)

"Convention and Momentum"
The fortieth Republican National Convention kicks-off this week. The opening gavel will mark the start of the final stretch of the 2012 presidential election. With voters tuning in across the country and the world, Republicans are ready to tell our story.  RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer has an update on the historic week ahead.

"The shot is vintage Americana: The party nominee lifts his running mate's arm, they smile broadly and thousands and thousands of balloons drop from the rafters to envelope them in a sea of red, white and blue.  But stop for a minute and ask yourself: Who inflated all of those balloons?"
("Gaither Students Inflate 120,000 Balloons for Iconic Drop at RNC," Tampa Bay Times, 8/24/2012)

"40 Reasons Not to Re-Elect Barack Obama"
If you know someone who is still not convinced that Barack Obama shouldn't be re-elected in November, forward them this list of more than enough reasons to vote Romney-Ryan instead.  (John Hawkins, "40 Reasons Not to Re-Elect Barack Obama," Townhall, 8/24/2012)

Pants on Fire
"If you torture statistics long enough, they will confess to anything. But nothing in Obama's economic record supports even the most partisan spin of the numbers. Saying that Obama's recovery has added more jobs than Reagan's is pure fantasy. It is simply a made up talking point."
(Mike Flynn, "Cutter: I'm Just Going to Make S%&t Up about Jobs," Breitbart, 8/23/2012)

Winning The Medicare Debate
"Republicans are winning the political debate on entitlement reform and Medicare, issues long dominated by Democrats, in the wake of Mitt Romney's selection of running mate Paul Ryan."  (Matthew Boyle, "GOP Winning National Medicare Debate Two Weeks After Romney Picked Lightning Rod Ryan," The Daily Caller, 08/26/2012)

Campaigning to New Lows
As Barack Obama's increasingly negative re-election campaign begins to take heat for its vicious tactics, the President finds himself playing defense and attempting to justify his disastrous record in the White House.  (Brett M. Decker, "Obama's Dark Side: Defensive President Tries to Deny His Dirty Campaign Practices," Washington Times, 8/21/2012)

Just Say No to Big Government
Strong majorities of respondents to a new poll simply want the federal government to leave them alone, and think Barack Obama wants to "change the country in a way that makes people more dependent on government."  (Dana Blanton, "Fox News Poll: Voters Want Uncle Sam to 'Leave Me Alone,'" Fox News, 8/23/2012)

Totally Un-Stimulating
In another example of Obama's infamous "Stimulus" waste, almost half a million tax dollars were spent on job training ads which resulted in no new jobs.  (Jim McElhatton, "Labor Department Spends Stimulus Funds for Ads During Olbermann, Maddow Shows. Contract Shows No New Jobs Were Created," Washington Times, 8/21/2012)

Democrats' Dangerous Game
Republicans in Congress have acted to address the impending expiration of the George W. Bush tax cuts, but Democrats are willing to let our economy plunge into even worse conditions over their insatiable hunger to extract more tax dollars from hard-working Americans.  (Guy Benson, "CBO: Democrats' Fiscal Cliff Would Plunge US Back Into Recession, Spike Unemployment," Townhall, 8/22/2012)

Not So Fast
For the sixth time, a federal court has thrown out as illegal yet another over-reaching new regulation imposed on Americans by Barack Obama's out of control Environmental Protection Agency.  (EPA Smack-Down Number Six: A Federal Court Cashiers Another Illegal Obama Regulation," Wall Street Journal, 8/21/2012)

Calling Out Democrat Lies
CNN's Anderson Cooper calls out Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for repeatedly misrepresenting Mitt Romney's position on abortion.  (Kathryn Jean Lopez, "Why Lie? Cooper Asks," National Review, 8/24/2012)

RNC on the Go:
If you haven't already, please take a moment to sign up to follow us on Facebook,   You can also follow Chairman Priebus's Twitter feed @Reince or check out his fan page on FacebookAlso, you can call **GOP (that's **467) from your mobile and we'll send you a text to receive exclusive news and updates. Message & Data Rates May Apply.

Weekly Republican Video Address
In the Weekly Republican Message, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul extols our great American traditions of freedom and achievement, saying "I'm proud of our history and our founding. Of our freedom and our economic success. I am proud of our people, our entrepreneurial spirit and our generosity."  These are the qualities that we Americans can be inspired by as we endeavor to restore a climate of opportunity and prosperity for our great nation this crucial presidential election year.

 Republican National Committee | 310 First Street, S.E. | Washington, D.C. 20003
p: 202.863.8500 | f: 202.863.8820 | e:

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Local Coordinator: Webinar Agenda for Tonight at 7:30pm EDT

Local Coordinators,

Sorry for the delay on getting the agenda out today. Please see below:

  1. Medicare and the Ryan plan – Grace-Marie Turner
  2. GOTV weekly update (Week 10)
  3. House Parties
  4. GOTV Grants
  5. American Dream ads
  6. Freshman Orientation update
  7. Supplies from TPP office
  8. Questions, Comments

Kevin L. Mooneyhan
National Support Team
Tea Party Patriots
Twitter: @TPPatriots; @kevinmooneyhan

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Re: My wish list from

Hi Robert

Thank you so much for these really great ideas and the time you took in putting it together for me.

I did forward to Jenny Beth and a few of the support team.
I see that Lee got back to you.

Looking forward to seeing you again.


On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 1:08 AM, Robert Alexander <> wrote:
Hi Diana,
Sorry this is so much later then I planned. Things have been busy around here. I plan to make the Wednesday night GOTV training & looking forward to it.

So here's my wish list of what I'd like to see from  It may be that some of these may be in progress or planned for and some may not but these are the things that I feel would be most beneficial to the coordinators and tea party members.
  • Calendar: This is my favorite for all of the untapped potential that it seems nobody is taking full advantage of. These are the abilities I want from a calendar:
    • easy subscription to a calendar, that is for individuals to click a button and then be able to follow every event that is put on the calendar and have instant access to and notification of changes of those events on the calendar. (Not just a 1 time export of an event or calendar)
    • multi-platform access to the calendar(s) I subscribe to such as online, and on smart phones including both Android and iPhones and even be able to alert the user by text message if so configured by the user.
    • Easily shared and embedded onto websites of all kinds even combined with other calendars with lots of options of how it's displayed.
    • Easy & configurable communication with calendar and between calendars so that when one creates an event it can be placed onto other calendars as easy as including the email address of the calendar(s) you want to include.  At the same time the administer of each calendar can set the conditions for accepting invitations and which events are public or private.
    • Google Calendars seems to have all of what I'm looking for. Find more information on Google Calendars here or on one of my sites: Patriots.ofVA.US
  • Contact Lists: This one is more up in the air. I haven't found an easy free solution to managing these lists so I'm working on programming one. In the mean time here are a few things I would like:
    • Import and export of data between members that sign up online at and some of the more common contact list formats:
      • Outlook
      • Google Contacts
      • Other... ( I'm so cheap I never pay for such things so I'm not sure which pay services are most popular.)
    • Configurable notification of new contacts in
    • This may be too much to ask but you could shoot for the same list as the calendars.  This is sort of what Google has been trying to do with Google Groups but has never made work well, but allowing people to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves to a group and then make those contacts be easily available according to the rules of that group.
  • Sharing out: This is what I call it when Facebook and Google+ etc let you create a gadget or a sophisticated link back to your page within their site. For example a Tea Party could but a box on their web page, be it a WordPress or Blogger site or regular website, and that box or gadget may show how many members in the group on  It would link right to a public version of the group page within TPP with a login or sign up link.  This link, by the way, could contain the group info and pass it to the sign up page so that if they sign up to TPP they are automatically joined or asked if they want to join the group whose page sent them to TPP.
  • Sharing in: This is what I call it when you allow your users to find things out there on the web and easily send links back to their page or their friends in TPP.  Easiest way may be to look into partnering with something like or
Anyway I hope this is intelligible and helpful. Let me know if I can clear up any of it or help in any way.  Thank you again for the lunch and for taking the time to meet with us and talk about ideas.

Robert Bruce Alexander,
757-967-7892,             alexanderofyork@,

Diana Reimer
Regional Support Team, Atlantic Region
National and PA State Coordinator Tea Party Patriots
Nationwide Local Group Coordinator

215-361-3094 h
267-446-7124 c

2016 Exclusive movie clip - could President Obama dream about 100% tax rates?

In Theaters Now
2016: Obama's America
2016 The Movie is Blacklisted?

Showtimes for 2016 The Movie have been hard to come by. Our e-mail inbox is flooded with requests for showtimes because movie-listing websites have not listed it. If you are having problems finding showtimes listed on your theater or a major website. Comment on Christian Post here. We have checked Fandango and they seem to have the most accurate showtimes.

Help us get to the Top 10 Most Popular Movies This Weekend

We will be in over 1,000 theaters. That means that we are in every State! And we need you to take your friends and family this weekend to go see the film. If we get in the top 10 grossing films this weekends, we will be in newspapers, box office reports, and media reports everywhere and it will be a big shock to the nation! 2016 The Movie is already drawing attention from Hollywood!

Exclusive Clip: See Obama's Father's Dream - 100% Taxes.
See Why Obama Wants to Downsize America – on CNN

CNN: Piers Morgan Ridicules D'Souza; Then Agrees With Him

Part 1:

Part 2:

Current Theaters and Maps

Find a list of Current Theaters by going to

We will be in over 1,000 theaters starting August 24.
Map of locations:

The 2016 Obama's America Team

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