Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Deceitful rhetoric


President Obama seems to have a very selective memory.

During a surprise media briefing yesterday - the first in eight weeks - he claimed that his campaign had never called Mitt Romney a criminal. But back in July, his campaign did just that, saying Governor Romney "could be guilty of a felony."

Let's be very clear: when you accuse your opponent of committing crimes and refuse to condemn attacks that link your opponent to killing someone, you have lost all credibility.

There's no doubt that President Obama will say and do anything to save his job. This is not the first time his campaign has distorted the truth or engaged in outright dishonest and personal attacks. But the President's untruthful denial and his continued failure to stand against such deceitful rhetoric have diminished the office he holds, and it's another promise to voters he's broken.

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Matt Rhoades

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