Thursday, August 23, 2012

2016 Exclusive movie clip - could President Obama dream about 100% tax rates?

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Showtimes for 2016 The Movie have been hard to come by. Our e-mail inbox is flooded with requests for showtimes because movie-listing websites have not listed it. If you are having problems finding showtimes listed on your theater or a major website. Comment on Christian Post here. We have checked Fandango and they seem to have the most accurate showtimes.

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We will be in over 1,000 theaters. That means that we are in every State! And we need you to take your friends and family this weekend to go see the film. If we get in the top 10 grossing films this weekends, we will be in newspapers, box office reports, and media reports everywhere and it will be a big shock to the nation! 2016 The Movie is already drawing attention from Hollywood!

Exclusive Clip: See Obama's Father's Dream - 100% Taxes.
See Why Obama Wants to Downsize America – on CNN

CNN: Piers Morgan Ridicules D'Souza; Then Agrees With Him

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