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RNC Convention and Momentum

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Volume 80 -- August 27, 2012

*** 2012 Republican National Convention -- Tampa, Florida ***

History will be made this week as we nominate Governor Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States, at the 40th Republican National Convention!  Be sure to catch all the televised excitement, and keep up with events as they happen by visiting the official website, your first source for news and information about the Convention.

You can also learn about our Party's history, share some Conventional Wisdom (the Convention's official blog) and learn about "Convention Without Walls," an innovative program that allows you access to the convention from anywhere in the world.

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Tried and True
Governor Romney explains how his invaluable business experience makes him exactly the right man to tackle America's economic woes and return us to the path of prosperity.  (Mitt Romney, "What I Learned at Bain Capital: My Business Experience Taught Me How to Help Companies Grow -- And What to Do When Trouble Arises. When You See a Problem, Run Toward It Before the Problem Gets Worse," Wall Street Journal, 8/23/2012)

Declaring Energy Independence
"Speaking at a rally in Hobbs, New Mexico on Thursday afternoon, Mitt Romney formally introduced his energy independence plan and emphasized the importance of such independence to America's economic strength and global leadership."  (John Hayward, "Romney in New Mexico: 'Energy Independence is Key to American Leadership," Human Events, 8/23/2012)

"Convention and Momentum"
The fortieth Republican National Convention kicks-off this week. The opening gavel will mark the start of the final stretch of the 2012 presidential election. With voters tuning in across the country and the world, Republicans are ready to tell our story.  RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer has an update on the historic week ahead.

"The shot is vintage Americana: The party nominee lifts his running mate's arm, they smile broadly and thousands and thousands of balloons drop from the rafters to envelope them in a sea of red, white and blue.  But stop for a minute and ask yourself: Who inflated all of those balloons?"
("Gaither Students Inflate 120,000 Balloons for Iconic Drop at RNC," Tampa Bay Times, 8/24/2012)

"40 Reasons Not to Re-Elect Barack Obama"
If you know someone who is still not convinced that Barack Obama shouldn't be re-elected in November, forward them this list of more than enough reasons to vote Romney-Ryan instead.  (John Hawkins, "40 Reasons Not to Re-Elect Barack Obama," Townhall, 8/24/2012)

Pants on Fire
"If you torture statistics long enough, they will confess to anything. But nothing in Obama's economic record supports even the most partisan spin of the numbers. Saying that Obama's recovery has added more jobs than Reagan's is pure fantasy. It is simply a made up talking point."
(Mike Flynn, "Cutter: I'm Just Going to Make S%&t Up about Jobs," Breitbart, 8/23/2012)

Winning The Medicare Debate
"Republicans are winning the political debate on entitlement reform and Medicare, issues long dominated by Democrats, in the wake of Mitt Romney's selection of running mate Paul Ryan."  (Matthew Boyle, "GOP Winning National Medicare Debate Two Weeks After Romney Picked Lightning Rod Ryan," The Daily Caller, 08/26/2012)

Campaigning to New Lows
As Barack Obama's increasingly negative re-election campaign begins to take heat for its vicious tactics, the President finds himself playing defense and attempting to justify his disastrous record in the White House.  (Brett M. Decker, "Obama's Dark Side: Defensive President Tries to Deny His Dirty Campaign Practices," Washington Times, 8/21/2012)

Just Say No to Big Government
Strong majorities of respondents to a new poll simply want the federal government to leave them alone, and think Barack Obama wants to "change the country in a way that makes people more dependent on government."  (Dana Blanton, "Fox News Poll: Voters Want Uncle Sam to 'Leave Me Alone,'" Fox News, 8/23/2012)

Totally Un-Stimulating
In another example of Obama's infamous "Stimulus" waste, almost half a million tax dollars were spent on job training ads which resulted in no new jobs.  (Jim McElhatton, "Labor Department Spends Stimulus Funds for Ads During Olbermann, Maddow Shows. Contract Shows No New Jobs Were Created," Washington Times, 8/21/2012)

Democrats' Dangerous Game
Republicans in Congress have acted to address the impending expiration of the George W. Bush tax cuts, but Democrats are willing to let our economy plunge into even worse conditions over their insatiable hunger to extract more tax dollars from hard-working Americans.  (Guy Benson, "CBO: Democrats' Fiscal Cliff Would Plunge US Back Into Recession, Spike Unemployment," Townhall, 8/22/2012)

Not So Fast
For the sixth time, a federal court has thrown out as illegal yet another over-reaching new regulation imposed on Americans by Barack Obama's out of control Environmental Protection Agency.  (EPA Smack-Down Number Six: A Federal Court Cashiers Another Illegal Obama Regulation," Wall Street Journal, 8/21/2012)

Calling Out Democrat Lies
CNN's Anderson Cooper calls out Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for repeatedly misrepresenting Mitt Romney's position on abortion.  (Kathryn Jean Lopez, "Why Lie? Cooper Asks," National Review, 8/24/2012)

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Weekly Republican Video Address
In the Weekly Republican Message, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul extols our great American traditions of freedom and achievement, saying "I'm proud of our history and our founding. Of our freedom and our economic success. I am proud of our people, our entrepreneurial spirit and our generosity."  These are the qualities that we Americans can be inspired by as we endeavor to restore a climate of opportunity and prosperity for our great nation this crucial presidential election year.

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