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Re: My wish list from

Hi Robert

Thank you so much for these really great ideas and the time you took in putting it together for me.

I did forward to Jenny Beth and a few of the support team.
I see that Lee got back to you.

Looking forward to seeing you again.


On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 1:08 AM, Robert Alexander <> wrote:
Hi Diana,
Sorry this is so much later then I planned. Things have been busy around here. I plan to make the Wednesday night GOTV training & looking forward to it.

So here's my wish list of what I'd like to see from  It may be that some of these may be in progress or planned for and some may not but these are the things that I feel would be most beneficial to the coordinators and tea party members.
  • Calendar: This is my favorite for all of the untapped potential that it seems nobody is taking full advantage of. These are the abilities I want from a calendar:
    • easy subscription to a calendar, that is for individuals to click a button and then be able to follow every event that is put on the calendar and have instant access to and notification of changes of those events on the calendar. (Not just a 1 time export of an event or calendar)
    • multi-platform access to the calendar(s) I subscribe to such as online, and on smart phones including both Android and iPhones and even be able to alert the user by text message if so configured by the user.
    • Easily shared and embedded onto websites of all kinds even combined with other calendars with lots of options of how it's displayed.
    • Easy & configurable communication with calendar and between calendars so that when one creates an event it can be placed onto other calendars as easy as including the email address of the calendar(s) you want to include.  At the same time the administer of each calendar can set the conditions for accepting invitations and which events are public or private.
    • Google Calendars seems to have all of what I'm looking for. Find more information on Google Calendars here or on one of my sites: Patriots.ofVA.US
  • Contact Lists: This one is more up in the air. I haven't found an easy free solution to managing these lists so I'm working on programming one. In the mean time here are a few things I would like:
    • Import and export of data between members that sign up online at and some of the more common contact list formats:
      • Outlook
      • Google Contacts
      • Other... ( I'm so cheap I never pay for such things so I'm not sure which pay services are most popular.)
    • Configurable notification of new contacts in
    • This may be too much to ask but you could shoot for the same list as the calendars.  This is sort of what Google has been trying to do with Google Groups but has never made work well, but allowing people to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves to a group and then make those contacts be easily available according to the rules of that group.
  • Sharing out: This is what I call it when Facebook and Google+ etc let you create a gadget or a sophisticated link back to your page within their site. For example a Tea Party could but a box on their web page, be it a WordPress or Blogger site or regular website, and that box or gadget may show how many members in the group on  It would link right to a public version of the group page within TPP with a login or sign up link.  This link, by the way, could contain the group info and pass it to the sign up page so that if they sign up to TPP they are automatically joined or asked if they want to join the group whose page sent them to TPP.
  • Sharing in: This is what I call it when you allow your users to find things out there on the web and easily send links back to their page or their friends in TPP.  Easiest way may be to look into partnering with something like or
Anyway I hope this is intelligible and helpful. Let me know if I can clear up any of it or help in any way.  Thank you again for the lunch and for taking the time to meet with us and talk about ideas.

Robert Bruce Alexander,
757-967-7892,             alexanderofyork@,

Diana Reimer
Regional Support Team, Atlantic Region
National and PA State Coordinator Tea Party Patriots
Nationwide Local Group Coordinator

215-361-3094 h
267-446-7124 c

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