Friday, October 5, 2012

2016 the Movie, on DVD October 16 and On Demand October 12!

In Theaters Now
2016: Obama's America
We are in our final weeks in theaters. 
If you or your friends haven't seen the film,
this is the time to go!
2016 the Movie T-Shirts

We have T-Shirts in stock! Now is the time to purchase and show your support for 2016 the Movie. The shirts are conveniently on and include free shipping! You will enjoy this high quality shirt and inspire a talking point among your friends and associates!

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Gerald Molen and Obama disagree on Israel

Read Gerald Molen's Dreams for Israel and how they are different than President Obama's.

CNN Talks about 2016 
Just 7 days away from 2016 On Demand! On October 16 DVD's will be available!
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Bulk DVD's

We also will be offering discounted DVD's in packs of 10, 25, and 50, so that you can pass them to your friends!

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2016 for public viewings

Want to show the film to your group, church or synagogue?  Starting 10/8 you will be able to order a Public Screening License allowing you to show the film unlimited times for 12 months.  These licenses will be available exclusively on the 2016 website.

Current Theaters and Maps

Find a list of Current Theaters by going to

We will be in about 574 theaters from October 5 - October 11.
Go to Fandango to find showtimes and buy tickets.

Map of locations:

The 2016 Obama's America Team

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