Friday, January 25, 2013

instaPoll: As the 113th Congress begins, which three issues do you believe are most critical for Congress to address?

Congressman Randy Forbes



On Monday, President Obama presented his vision for the next four years during his second inaugural address, in which he outlined an agenda that prioritized commitments to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, immigration reform, gun control, climate policy, and same-sex marriage. Congressional Republicans are focused on creating job growth, providing a strong national defense, balancing the federal budget, and making Medicare and Social Security sustainable. As the President and his Administration start their new term and as Congress begins anew, the legislative process is ensnared in philosophical gridlock and finding common ground on priorities will be paramount.

Question of the Week: As the 113th Congress begins, which three issues do you believe are most critical for Congress to address?

( ) Amnesty - Expanding paths to citizenship for illegal aliens

( ) Crime - Addressing crime in our schools and communities

( ) Economy - Strengthening small businesses and spurring economic growth by reducing federal regulations

( ) Education - Strengthening our educational system

( ) Energy - Reducing environmental regulations and increasing domestic energy to reduce dependence on foreign oil

( ) Environment - Taking actions to preserve the environment through regulation and investments in clean energy

( ) Health Care - Reducing health care costs and protecting the doctor-patient relationship

( ) Illegal Immigration - Enhancing border security and enforcing existing laws combating illegal immigration

( ) National Security - Preserving a strong national defense and averting sequestration cuts that threaten military jobs

( ) Same-Sex Marriage - Expanding the definition of marriage to include couples of the same gender

( ) Second Amendment - Protecting the constitutional right to keep and bear arms

( ) Seniors - Protecting critical programs for seniors such as Medicare and Social Security

( ) Social Services - Protecting the most vulnerable through access to social service programs

( ) Spending - Taking serious action to reduce government spending

( ) Taxes - Reducing taxes and simplifying the tax code

( ) Traditional Values - Preserving religious freedoms, traditional marriage, and sanctity of life

( ) Transportation - Rebuilding our nation's aging roads and infrastructure

( ) Veterans - Fulfilling promises to our nation's veterans

( ) I don't know.

( ) Other

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