Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"American Moments" Episode Two: What If America Never Existed?

A message from the filmmakers of "2016: Obama&#39s America"

American Moments Episode Two:
"What If America Never Existed?"

American Moments is a weekly web series that explores the ideas and people that make America great and the ways in which critics of our country are undermining America's core ideals.

This week, Dinesh D'Souza talks about how the world might have been different - and worse off - if America had never existed.

Watch this week's American Moments below.

"American Moments" - Episode 2


Pro-Life Gosnell Film Censored by Kickstarter

FrackNation director Phelim McAleer's new film about Hermit Gosnell was censored recently after Kickstarter claimed that his posting "did not comply with the spirit of [Kickstarter's] community guidelines."

The site refused to approve his posting and asked him to remove descriptions of murdered babies, despite the fact that harsher graphic content is allowed on a number of similar Kickstarter postings. McAleer pulled the project from Kickstarter and uploaded it to rival crowdfunding site IndieGoGo.

This important project deserves our support! You can find Gosnell on IndieGoGo.

Read more here.


Harry Reid's Hypocrisy on Campaign Finance

Harry Reid is well known for attacking conservatives Charles and David Koch for their support of conservative political candidates. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that Reid and other liberals rely on campaign support from billionaires like Tom and Jim Steyer, who have pledged more than $100 million if liberals promote their energy agenda.

Read more here.

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