Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Welcome to Economy & Markets

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After all, knowing what consumers are going to buy next... or what they'll stop buying next... is the best way to maximize your income and profits, and protect your portfolio.

You'll receive your first issue of Economy & Markets in the next few days. What you need to know before then is that demographics is destiny. Consumers drive the economy. And consumers are highly predictable creatures.

Right now, baby boomers are retiring en masse? I'm sure you've already heard the statistic that 10,000 boomers will retire every day for the next 19 years. This disappearance of a quarter of the population from the workforce is something we like to call the Demographic Cliff and it's on the horizon of nearly every developed country the world over. Come to that, emerging markets face this demon as well, but much further down the road.

The thing is, as generations move through their predictable spending cycle, they fuel booms and busts... in markets, companies and economies.

Harry Dent, creator of the Dent Method, founder of Dent Research and Senior Editor of Economy & Markets, has recorded a brief video to tell you more about this. Listen to it now.

Again, from all of us here at Economy & Markets, welcome.


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