Thursday, January 25, 2018

Topline: #ReleaseTheMemo, Another Nunes Conspiracy

Life is busy and filled with distractions. We wanted to make sure you saw these articles about the pressing issues facing our country.

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Life is busy and filled with distractions. We wanted to make sure you saw these articles about the pressing issues facing our country.

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Another Nunes Conspiracy Scam 
New York Magazine — Jan. 24, 2018
Last we saw Congressman Devin Nunes, he was frantically trying to gin up a variety of conspiracy theories regarding “unmasking” to vindicate the president’s Twitter ramblings. After recusing himself from the Russia investigation, he’s reemerged to again attempt to do the administration’s dirty work, authoring a secret memo designed to cast aspersions on the integrity of the law enforcement agencies defending our country against foreign interference.


Czeching in on Europe 
The Washington Post — Jan. 23, 2018
An upcoming election in Czechia features a close race for the incumbent, a pro-Kremlin conspiracy theorist who vilifies Muslims and journalists, against a pro-Western centrist. Though we think a great deal about the battle for democracy at home, the Czech elections show that this fight is taking place across the Atlantic as well, and that our friends and allies are confronting similar challenges.

America’s Lost Partnership 
Asia Society Policy Institute — Jan. 18, 2018
As the American role on the world stage is intentionally diminished by the current administration, other nations are stepping into the vacuum. China, in particular, has been strengthened by America’s retreat, but even our allies have decided to move on without us. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is going ahead without the United States, in what is both an economic blow and an embarrassing indication of abdicated leadership.

Rule of Law  

G-Men Under Pressure 
The New York Times — Jan. 23, 2018
More reports regarding the president’s efforts to exert influence over leading FBI officials confirm what the entire Comey saga had already suggested: Donald Trump sees himself as unbeholden to the rule of law. His constant efforts to stymie the independence of law enforcement suggest not only a blatant disregard of the Constitution, but also raise questions about just what he’s trying to hide from the FBI.


Divide and Conquer 
The Atlantic — Jan. 23, 2018
A recent release of information on Russian trolls active on Twitter revealed that they were among the most active — and vituperative — users of both the #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter tags. The Russians identified a fault line in our politics and attempted to exploit it. Here, The Atlantic looks at how their strategy lines up with the strategy of division employed by the president to shore up his own support.


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