Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fwd: Boortz: Tax our economy to health? No! 4/21/11

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Another tax day has come and gone

When are we going to fix this?


Boortz video

Talkmaster appearances you might have missed


State of the FairTax

Mitchell called in to say that he had put down Angry Birds and taken up reading about the FairTax. Neal tells him the most important thing you need to know to get this passed. Listen [2:32]


Guest Art Laffer

Art Laffer (the Laffer curve guy!) discusses his recent Wall Street Journal article The 30-Cent Tax Premium Listen [13:01]


Boortz Funnies

Time for a Talkmaster laugh break


Website improvements

A few site updates

You may not have noticed yet, but a few of the things you 've been asking for are now available.

  • Formatting updates to comments and forums
  • More Nuze archives available
  • A way to get bare bones nuze on one page

Read all about it


Blasting Back At Boortz

Time for a few not-so-kind words from our listeners

Have your Neal here.



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