Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last chance --

Congressman Randy Forbes

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Dear Friend -

In a free society, one of the most important privileges available to its people is the ability to freely participate in an exchange of ideas. Our nation's best policy arises out of the competition of diverse ideas, not the limitation of such ideas. In my office, we make it a priority to keep my constituents informed about the votes I take in Washington, ask for feedback on top issues of the day, and share news impacting Virginia's Fourth District.

Email not only allows my office to share information quickly, but it is one of the most cost effective ways for me to engage in dialogue with constituents of the Fourth District to help move our nation forward.

According to House of Representatives Rules, 90 days before a primary or general election in which a Member of Congress' name is on a ballot, that Member must enter a "black-out period" where they are unable to send or share information to anyone who has not "opted-in" to their email list.

According to our records, you have not yet opted in. That means, AFTER TODAY I will not be able to share information with you via email, unless you take a moment to opt-in. Opting-in is easy - just click the link below, add your email address, and click submit.

Yes, I want to receive information from Congressman Forbes after March 13, 2012.

I want to continue to communicate with you. Please take a moment to opt-in now so you can continue to receive updates directly from Washington.

Yours in Service,

Randy Forbes
Member of Congress


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