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ObamaCare at Two

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Volume 58 -- March 30, 2012

As we work together to defeat Barack Obama and elect Republican candidates up and down the ticket in November, Victory Insider continues to keep you informed about Campaign 2012 and our Party's fight for commonsense conservative policies in Washington.  Thank you again for all you do for the RNC!
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus


Election Day: 221 Days
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In this week's installment:

ObamaCare at Two
Two years after the Obama Democrats' radical government takeover of American healthcare was made law, the so-called "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," is clearly a giant mistake that must be discarded for real healthcare reform.  (Reince Priebus, "After 2 Years, Obamacare's Costs Outweighing Benefits," Orlando Sentinel, 3/23/3012)

"Bold Budget"
"Representative Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, has produced another bold budget. He knows that President Obama and the Democrats will not allow his budget plan to become law this year, but he wants to recommit the Republican Party to spending restraint, tax reform, and a strong defense.  (Editorial, "Paul Ryan Leads," National Review, 3/21/2012)

Taking the Fight to Obama... Right Now 
"The Republican National Committee isn't waiting for a de facto nominee before beginning its general election ramp-up.  Even with the GOP presidential primary still very much in progress, the RNC is moving full speed ahead with its ground game in key battleground states."  (Maggie Haberman & Emily Schultheis, "Republican National Committee Won't Wait For Presidential Nominee," Politico, 3/23/2012)

While visiting Seoul, Barack Obama assures Russian President Dimitri Medvedev he will have more time to continue defense negotiations after his "last election."  (Jake Tapper, "President Obama Asks Medvedev for 'Space' on Missile Defense -- 'After My Election I Have More Flexibility,'" ABC News, 3/26/2012)

"Algae Racket"
"While the president embarks on a green rehabilitation tour this week to quell growing public outrage about big green boondoggles, the White House continues to cultivate a cozy algae racket." (Michelle Malkin, "Obama's Algae Racket," Townhall, 3/21/2012)

That's Not Funny
Barack Obama's disastrous energy policies and disingenuous empathizing will cost him at the polls in November.  (Mackubin Thomas Owens, "Energy Crisis Only Joke to Obama: Last Laugh Can Be On President Come Nov.," Boston Herald, 3/20/2012)

Poll Mirrors Toll of Obama Presidency
"Half of likely voters expect the Supreme Court to strike down President Obama's signature healthcare law, and strong majorities see other major policies coming from the White House making life more difficult for themselves and the country, according to this week's The Hill Poll." (Elise Viebeck, "The Hill Poll: Voter Gloom Over President Obama's Jobs, Gas, Debt Policies," The Hill, 3/19/2012)

Bad Faith Sale
"In recent testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told me that America's health insurance system is in a 'death spiral.' She failed to acknowledge that implementation of ObamaCare will be the cause of that death spiral, and American taxpayers will be left to pick up the tab."  (Sen. Ron Johnson, "ObamaCare's Costs Are Soaring: We Already Know the Rosy Budget Estimates Used to Sell the Law Were Wrong," Wall Street Journal, 3/21/2012)

Punch Drunk
President Obama might want to shake up his speechwriting department before his unimaginative and patronizing foreign policy plaudits catch up with him. (Daniel Halper, "Danish TV Host Mocks Obama for His Rhetoric: 'Maybe the Copy Key Got Stuck On the Presidential Speechwriter's Keyboard,'" Weekly Standard, 3/23/2011)

Straight to DVD
Big Hollywood goes to bat for Barack Obama with fantasy epic about his disastrous last three years. (Karl Rove, "'The Road We've Traveled' With Obama: Three Dismal Years are Spun Into 17 Minutes of Fact-Challenged Campaign Film," Wall Street Journal, 3/21/2012)

RNC Video:  "After the Election"
Watch the latest RNC video to see what Obama tells world leaders when he thinks you are not listening.  What else is on Obama's agenda after the election that he isn't telling you?  

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Be sure to check out Sen. Mitch McConnell's new GOP video message here:
To mark the second anniversary of ObamaCare, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) delivers the Weekly Republican Address, calling for repeal and replacement of the Democrats' health care law.
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