Friday, February 8, 2013

The border war, financial crisis, and why distributing power is better than distributing wealth

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A message from the filmmakers of 2016: Obama's America
The border war, financial crisis and why distributing power is better than distributing wealth
Film Exposes U.S. Border War

“Can a new film help derail the current push for amnesty for illegal aliens? Chris Burgard’s new movie “Border” is so good that it could dramatically affect the public debate. But because you can’t expect the major media to cover this shocking and poignant film, the challenge will be to make sure millions of Americans get a chance to see it. It tells the story of a war—a war just as important, if not more so, than the one in Iraq.”   - Andy Selepak, Accuracy in Media

"... you can't see this film without acquiring a deeper understanding of America's illegal immigration problem and a renewed determination to do something about it... “

BORDER, is an award winning movie by filmmaker Chris Burgard. He took heat for packing a .45 as he filmed armed Mexican drug cartels crossing the Arizona border. He uncovers the real story that President Obama and our politicians do not want Americans to hear.  As a new push for amnesty descends upon America, and the Second Amendment is yet again under attack, BORDER proves that truth is the greatest tool of a free American people.

The World is Curved

The World Is Curved is the rare book that speaks simultaneously to the Wall Street, Washington, and London elite, yet its apt storytelling shows Main Street readers how to survive in these turbulent times.

The Moral Case for Conservatism

In the early 20th century, two of England’s towering minds, the socialist George Bernard Shaw and the Catholic G. K. Chesterton, engaged in a series of debates. Shaw was an atheist, socialist, and vegetarian; Chesterton a Catholic, moralist, and meat-eater. Shaw argued against private property, and for redistribution of wealth. Chesterton argued for private property, and warned about the perils of consolidated power. It was like Ali vs. Frazier. A clash of styles and vision.

Shaw, sounding like a modern progressive, said this about wealth and equality:
“The moment I made up my mind that the present distribution of wealth was wrong, the peculiar constitution of my brain obliged me to find out exactly how far it was wrong and what is the right distribution. I went through all the proposals ever made and through the arguments used in justification of the existing distribution; and I found they were utterly insensate and grotesque. Eventually I was convinced that we ought to be tolerant of any sort of crime except unequal distribution of income.”

In came Chesterton:
“We say there ought to be in the world a great mass of scattered powers, privileges, limits, points of resistance, so that the mass of the people may resist tyranny. And we say that there is a permanent possibility of that central direction, however much it may have been appointed to distribute money equally, becoming a tyranny.”

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