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D'Souza Takes Note of "Deafening Silence"

A message from the filmmakers of "2016: Obama&#39s America"

D'Souza Takes Note of "Deafening Silence"

Dinesh D'Souza appeared on Mike Huckabee's show this Saturday and commented about the "deafening silence on the civil libertarian left" regarding the federal campaign finance charges against him. D'Souza said that "while conservatives have offered a lot of support, the liberals … have just gone quiet on this."

He also praised Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, who has said that the indictment amounts to retribution for D'Souza's part in creating 2016: Obama's America. Dershowitz has been D'Souza's only left-leaning defender so far. D'Souza said that "I think he sees himself as a man of principle, so it's taken a good deal of courage for him to speak out so candidly on my behalf. I appreciate it."

Read more here, and watch the full Huckabee segment here!

Dinesh D'Souza Takes Note of "Deafening Silence"


Centennial Institute Hosts Young Conservatives Leadership Conference

The Centennial Institute is hosting the Young Conservatives Leadership Conference at Colorado Christian University this summer. The event, open to students aged 16-20, will equip young conservatives to make a difference in our country.

Radio personality Hugh Hewitt, along with several other experts, will be available during morning workshops to inspire conference attendees and enhance understanding about how to change the course of our nation. The conference will end with the fifth annual Western Conservative Summit, which will feature some of the biggest names in the conservative world today.

This is a great resource for our young adults!

Read more about the conference here.

Centennial Institute Hosts Young Conservatives Leadership Conference


Dinesh D'Souza Criticizes "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative

The Obama White House launched the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative last month, which aims to boost educational and job opportunities for black and Hispanic youth. Dinesh D'Souza spoke about the program on the Mike Huckabee show this past Saturday, recounting his story about interviewing President Obama's half-brother, George, for the hit film 2016: Obama's America.

After D'Souza interviewed him for the film, George Obama called him asking to borrow $1,000 to pay for his son's medical care. "I ended up sending $1,000 to George Obama," D'Souza said, "while President Obama apparently now announces this new initiative called 'My Brother's Keeper' … Well, evidently, he hasn't been much of his brother's keeper."

Read more here.

Dinesh D'Souza Criticizes "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative


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Obama's America book cover

Purchase Dinesh D'Souza's Book Obama's America

Dinesh D'Souza wrote Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream as a follow up to his hit film 2016: Obama's America. The book builds on the thesis that President Obama wants to downsize our nation and explores some of the possible outcomes of another four years with Obama in office.

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