Friday, June 19, 2015

InstaPoll: Obamacare Before the Supreme Court

Congressman Randy Forbes


This month, the Supreme Court is expected to issue a major decision in the case King v. Burwell on the subsidies for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The case considers the question of whether the over 30 states that decided not to establish healthcare exchanges—and instead let the federal government set up their exchanges for them—are legally allowed to continue to accept the federal tax credits that subsidize those eligible in state-run exchanges. The Administration is arguing that the broader intent of the statute implies that subsidies should be available to plans on all exchanges. Plaintiffs, however, argue that that is contrary to the plain text of the ACA.

Meanwhile, as the nation awaits the Supreme Court's decision, two bipartisan bills passed the House of Representatives this week to reverse some of the most harmful elements of the ACA. First, the Medical Device Tax Elimination Act (H.R. 1533), repeals the ACA's tax on medical devices that has been criticized for eliminating jobs and reducing investment in research. Additionally, the House is voting on The Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act of 2015 (H.R. 1190) to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) established under the ACA, more commonly referred to as a Medicare rationing board or "death panel."

Question of the Week: Do you support measures in the legislative and judicial branches to roll back Obamacare? 

(  ) Yes.
(  ) No.
(  ) I don't know.
(  ) Other.

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Find the results of last week's InstaPoll here.                    

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