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"Can you Hear Us Now? - - - Can they?"

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Dear Members,  


Many of us will remember the words, "Can you hear us now," as they were shouted from the west lawn of the Capitol on that overcast, September morning in 2009 until the day we perish from this earth.


For the last 2 years many of you have missed work, protested in the rain, snow, 100+ degree heat, you have slept in your cars, you have traveled on your own dime to protest the out of control spending and overreaching arm of the government, and you did all of this without faltering in light of a government that was arrogant and mocking of your every move. In fact, you stood so firmly in what you believe in that you had the last laugh with the 111th Congress on November 2, 2010. But was that enough?

Many of you say it is not. 
A New Dawn Rises
A New Dawn Rises

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Republican Leadership???
The Facts
Continuing Revolution: Protest in DC (Survey)
Republican Leadership???
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Since the Republicans took back the majority in the House in January, do you think they have been responsible in handling this fiscal year's budget? Have they lived up to your idea of leadership? Where is the budget that will get us through the rest of the fiscal year? Are they letting the Democrats rope-a-dope [1] them? Do they seem to understand the urgency of America's fiscal situation? Should we let them get away with passing a Continuing Resolution that doesn't rescind the $105 billion that has already been appropriated to Obama Care? 


Your sacrifices are the reason that the GOP holds the gavel today. You put them in office, and yet they aren't listening to you, and they're not listening to those in their caucus that would dare to tell the truth. What kind of a leader goes to the negotiating table with all of his cards showing, having already given in to the opposition? Is it time, once again, for the American people to take the lead?   


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The Facts

Many members of the GOP are proud that they have cut $10 billion from the budget over a period of 5 weeks. And while cutting spending rarely ever happens in Washington DC, Republicans and all Americans need to keep things in perspective. The facts are simple. Let's review.

  • The same day that the House GOP voted to cut $6 billion, our national debt jumped up by $72 billion [2].
  • An analogy: If every penny represents $1 billion, our national debt plus current deficit equals 15,800 pennies. The GOP has removed 10 pennies so far. That's it. And the Democrats wanted to remove about 4 and 1/2 pennies for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends in October.
  • The national debt is over $14.2 trillion [3] while we borrow about $4 billion every single day. This doesn't include unfunded liabilities (see below).
  • $10 Billion in cuts is equal to 0.07% of the national debt.
  • The current deficit is projected to reach $1.6 trillion - just for this fiscal year. 
  • Our deficit for the single month of February (the shortest month of the year!) was $223 billion [4] - the largest deficit in our history.
  • We would have to invest $60 trillion right now [5] to cover the current unfunded liabilities of our federal government, including the debt and current deficit. In other words, we need $60 trillion today to keep the promises of payments made by politicians who will be long gone when the bills come due.
  • Every single US man, woman, and child owes almost $200,000 to pay for the deficit + debt + unfunded liabilities.

The recent events in Japan are showing us that a nation living so close to the fiscal edge cannot afford an unexpected disaster to occur [6]. We are drowning in so much red ink that one unexpected, unpreventable, uncontrollable event could bring our house of cards right down on top of us.


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Continuing Revolution

So what are you willing to do about all of this? Are you willing to continue holding Congressman accountable? While they are continuing business as usual with their continuing resolutions, are you willing to continue our Tea Party revolution? 


Are you willing to organize a local protest at a Congressman's district office on Thursday, March 24, 2011 to let them know that you are still watching? Are you willing to spend your own money again to go to Washington, DC, and this time lobby both Republicans and Democrats to get our budget right? The target date for a rally in DC would be March 31, when Congress is in session. We realize Tax Day is just around the corner and that many of you have already started planning for those events. We also realize that all of us hoped that changing the make up of one chamber of Congress in November would prevent us from having to make emergency trips to DC. Now we realize that may have just been wishful thinking.


Please complete this survey to help us gauge the desire of the Tea Party Patriots community to stage a large protest in DC. If the majority of you feel like our voices aren't being heard, we are committed to going back to the Capitol and readdressing the question to the Republican Leadership, "Can you hear us now?!?!"  

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Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,

Debbie Dooley, Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler, Sally Oljar, Diana Reimer, and Dawn Wildman

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