Friday, March 11, 2011

Update on Call to Action: Call to Defund Obamacare This Weekend

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Update: Stand Against Obamacare Funding


We received an update today that the House of Representatives is planning to vote on a new extension of the Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government next week on Tuesday, March 15, not Monday as originally planned.  
Representatives Steve King and Michele Bachmann report that the House Republican Leadership has not yet agreed to include a provision to rescind the $105 billion that was surreptitiously inserted by the Democrats in the Obamacare legislation. They have also issued a letter to the leadership encouraging them to include such a provision and they are requesting other House members to sign on.
The Democrats also gave HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, unlimited access to the Treasury Department! She could bail out California if they asked, going around Congress completely!!   
We are urgently asking Patriots to call and leave messages for your members of Congress this weekend and then continuing the calls on Monday when their offices open back up.


Action Items: 
1. Call your representative and ask them if they plan to sign the letter issued by Reps. King and Bachmann. Urge them to pledge to vote "NO" on the next CR unless it contains a provision to defund Obamacare of the billions that were secretly and fraudulently appropriated by the old Democratic Congress.  If this is not done now, this funding will be self-perpetuating into the future. Tell them to WAIVE THE RULES and include this defunding provision in the CR.
2. Then, place a second call to the Speaker's Office and urge Speaker Boehner to honor the will of the voters (who gave him a Republican majority and the Speaker's Office) by including a provision to rescind the $105 billion with which Obamacare has already saddled the American Taxpayer. 
---------> Boehner is putting out a statement saying that he won't "break the rules" by including this defunding provision in the next CR. What he fails to mention is that they have waived the rules for OTHER issues and that they set their own rules! When you call, be polite but firm, and let him know what you expect out of this Republican majority.
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