Thursday, June 28, 2012

Forbes' Reaction to Supreme Court Decision on Health Care Law

Congressman Randy Forbes

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June 28, 2012

Forbes: "The Court today shattered the myth that it would stand between the overreaching decisions of government and the individual liberty of citizens."

Today, the Supreme Court upheld the President's health care law, including the individual mandate, as constitutional under Congress' taxing power.  In response, Congressman J. Randy Forbes issued the following statement:

"The Court today shattered the myth that it would stand between the overreaching decisions of government and the individual liberty of citizens.  Chief Justice Roberts emphasized that the Court would not protect the American people from the bad political decisions of their elected officials.  The Supreme Court decision today is disappointing, but underscores the importance of electing officials who support individual freedoms and a more limited vision of government. The President's health care law increases costs for employers, leaving some small businesses with the choice between laying off employees or paying the penalty associated with failure to purchase health insurance. This misguided judgment signals that there are no longer any real limitations on what the government can mandate on the citizens of this nation.

We need to repeal provisions that hurt economic and individual choices and preserve areas of common ground, such as making it easier for individuals, including those with pre-existing conditions and young adults under the age of 26, to obtain and keep health insurance by making it portable across state-lines, and allowing those who like their current coverage to keep it. We need to reform the medical liability tort system to reduce professional liability insurance rates and premiums, and reduce the practice of defensive medicine. In addition, we need to direct resources to medical research and clinical trials, including the use of adult stem cells, which show evidence of providing near-term clinical benefit for patients."

Congressman Forbes was one of a handful of members of Congress who actually attended the announcement inside the Supreme Court of the United States.  In 2010, Congressman Forbes voted against the enactment of this legislation and has called for a repeal of the legislation which is causing significant burdens for small business employers.



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