Monday, March 16, 2015

Update Peninsula Tea Party information

Dear Robert,

Please review your group information below and update or confirm that it's accurate

My name is Keli Carender, and I'm the National Grassroots Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. We are reaching out to every group on our website to make sure that we have the information correct for you and your tea party group.

Over time, local tea party groups go through changes, and those changes aren't always communicated to us, so the information we have listed on our website could be out-of-date. We want potential new members to be able to easily find your group, and we want to make sure that your group has access to all of the resources that Tea Party Patriots has to offer. For instance, we hold a weekly webinar with groups from all across the country where activists hear from guest speakers, a weekly legislative update, best practices from other coordinators, and more. It's also where Tea Party Patriots gets input and direction from the grassroots. Coordinators vote on issues, actions, and what stances we should take on legislation.

Below is the latest information used on the website:

Peninsula Tea Party:

    Description:Peninsula Tea Party is a coalition of individuals and groups who seek limited government, a strong marketplace and a return to the independent spirit that founded our nation. We regard elected and appointed officials as public servants, and expect them to be frugal with taxpayer money.
    Yorktown, VA  23693
    Meeting Location:
    Meeting Schedule:
    Contact Info:
    Group Website:
    Group Facebook Page:
    Group page:
    Group Image:
    Update this group information

We also offer grants and sponsorships for local groups, in-person trainings and networking conferences, issue toolkits and other activist resources, and more! Tea Party Patriots' mission is to be the best service organization in America for local tea party groups. We can only do this if we have updated information for you – the Local Coordinator – and for your group. If you have any trouble updating your information, please email us at

Thank you for all that you do! Together, we will achieve personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future!

In liberty,

Keli Carender
National Grassroots Coordinator

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