Thursday, March 5, 2015

InstaPoll: Negotiations with Iran

Congressman Randy Forbes


This week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed both Chambers of Congress to warn about the dangers of Iran's nuclear ambitions, contending that the deal currently being negotiated between the U.S.-led coalition and Tehran poses an existential threat to the nation of Israel.

President Obama has declared preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon to be a top national security priority, and is leading diplomats from Iran, U.S., and world powers in an emerging agreement to restrict Iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting the current international sanctions, including financial, trade, and economic restrictions. The President has stated that Iran would have to commit to halting progress on its most sensitive nuclear activity for at least 10 years, submit to international inspections, and reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium enough to ensure "at least a year" would be required for Iran to generate sufficient fuel for a nuclear weapon.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, and others opposed to the deal, argue that by lifting nuclear restrictions on Iran in as few as 10 years and allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium, the agreement would effectively guarantee that Iran attains nuclear capability, putting both Israel and the larger region at risk. Additionally, opponents of the negotiations contend that Iran, a leading state-sponsor of terrorism and the developer of a robust ballistic missile capability, cannot be trusted to uphold their end of the agreement. Currently, negotiations are facing an end-of-March deadline.

Question of the Week: Do you support the Administration's negotiations with Iran over a nuclear deal?

(  ) Yes.
(  ) No.
(  ) I am unsure.
(  ) Other.

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