Saturday, July 30, 2016

A (Fool's) Gold Rally

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | July 30, 2016

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Gold popped yesterday and is on track for its first weekly gain in three weeks.

So then why is Harry telling anyone that'll listen that the yellow metal is going to shed about HALF its value by this time next year?

It's not a mainstream opinion by any means... but when you see the research and the proof behind his prediction, I think you'll be shocked.

The gold bugs don't want to hear it... and they'll even point to Harry's prediction of a major market crash as a reason you'll WANT to own gold.

But that safe haven is a myth. In fact, gold has lost value during almost every market downturn we've seen!

If you're considering buying even a single speck of the stuff, you better take a look at Harry's special presentation first.

It could save you from complete and utter financial ruin.

You can find it, right here, for a short time.


Shannon Sands
Publisher, Dent Research

Economy & Markets daily

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