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ECONOMY & MARKETS | July 15, 2016

Dear Subscriber,

Two weeks ago today the market was in a 600-point free fall and the world was panicking… and this morning the Dow opened up at its all-time highest point in history.

Now that’s what I call volatility! It’s crazy… but I also love it.

Because volatility in the markets is exactly what’s enabled my Treasury Profits Accelerator readers to collect lightning-fast gains like:

94% gains in 2 days… 70% in 1 day… 86% in 3 days… 76% in 6 days… 51% in 3 days…  77% in 1 day… and 125% in 7 days!

You see, by pinpointing tiny “micro moves” that occur inside what’s been called “the world’s safest investment,” I’m able to exploit the market’s overreactions to news like the Brexit… interest rate speculation… Fed announcements and more – and turn them into double and triple-digit gains in just a few days!

I’ve been monitoring these micro moves very closely lately due to the big swings we’ve seen on Wall Street and I’m preparing to release my next trade recommendation to my Treasury Profits Accelerator readers any day now.

This is just ONE reason why you should consider a 100% RISK-FREE subscription.

The second is that for a VERY limited time, I’m reinstating our “buy one year – get one year FREE” offer for my service.

It means exactly what it says – subscribe for one year to Treasury Profits Accelerator and I’ll instantly add on a SECOND year for no cost whatsoever.

This offer is ONLY good for this weekend though. So please don’t wait to jump on it.

My new trade recommendation could arrive next week… so claim your spot right here to get in on the ground floor!


Lance Gaitan
Editor, Treasury Profits Accelerator 

Economy & Markets daily

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