Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Until Midnight: Every $1 is now worth $2

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | July 19, 2016

Dear Subscriber,

Every day, it seems, our money is worth less and less.

We go to the grocery store, and everything has gone up. We buy insurance, and our premiums have gone through the roof. It drives me crazy!

But until midnight (EDT) tonight, when you subscribe to my powerful research service Treasury Profits AcceleratorI’ll give you a second year FREE.

In short, for today and today only, your money is twice as valuable with me than it is sitting in your pocket.

In a nutshell, my service takes the world’s safest investment and gives you super-fast, double-digit gains in just days.

For example, we’ve seen 94% in 2 days… 70% in 1 day… 86% in 3 days… 76% in 6 days… 51% in 3 days… 77% in 1 day… and 125% in 7 days!

And counting all losses and gains over the past year, Treasury Profits Accelerator has beaten the S&P by 376%.

I explain exactly how I do this in my recent presentation, which I’m happy to send you free.

Remember, until midnight, you can “double your money” and get TWO YEARS for the price of one when you subscribe to Treasury Profits Accelerator.

I give you all the details and show you how to get started right here.


Lance Gaitan
Editor, Treasury Profits Accelerator

P.S. Just in case those numbers I threw out at you seemed far-fetched, just check out what some of my readers have been saying about my research service:
“I made 80.29% within a couple days this week.” – Xiao Ping
“Profited about $3,650.00. What a thrill. Never had a trade go so fast with such great results.” – Douglas Jaye
Just thought I'd share my result: 60.66% after fees gained. Not bad for
6 days!” – Joseph Campbell
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