Sunday, August 28, 2016

I’ve Solved Our Problem

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | August 28, 2016

Dear Subscriber,

Have you ever sold a stock for a tiny profit because you were afraid it was going to turn into a loss... only to watch it skyrocket after you sold?

Me too.

Ever held onto a stock hoping for a turn-around only to watch it sink even lower and leave you with nothing?

Yep. Been there, done that.

It turns out we really are our own worst enemy sometimes.

But I’ve finally figured out how to remove all those stupid decisions from my portfolio…

How to stop letting emotions drive my trading decisions…

And how to start trusting the ONLY thing that really matters when it comes to the markets.

It’s also the only thing that reliably and consistently happens before every major market move.

And by following it, my readers have seen gains of 116%, 124%, 140%, 191%, 201%, 316% and 336%... ALL in less than 90 days.

Just go right here and I'll show you exactly what it is and how to follow it for yourself.


Adam O'Dell
Editor, Cycle 9 Alert
Economy & Markets daily

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