Saturday, August 20, 2016

Special Alert on the Safe-Asset Slaughter

Thank you for considering Harry Dent’s offer to receive FREE reports on how to survive and prosper through the coming Safe-Asset Slaughter
You know that’s something very wrong with our economy and with our country… that we simply can’t continue along the path we’re on… and that something big and life-changing is coming down the pipeline…
That’s why Harry wants you to have the following benefits as a new Boom & Bust subscriber:
1.    CURRENT INSIGHTS ON THE LOOMING DEFLATIONARY CRISIS with 12 monthly issues of our economic, financial and investment letter, called: Boom & Bust. Sent to your inbox and postal mailbox at the beginning of every month.
2.   TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BEST INVESTMENT TO HOARD DURING A FINANCIAL CRISIS. Research Report #1: “How to Profit Through the Coming Safe-Asset Slaughter”
3.   LEARN THE ONE INDUSTRY WIRED TO BENEFIT FROM THE COMING GREAT WESTERN DEPRESSION.  Research Report #2: “Get Rich off the Demographic Dividend King!”
4.  TAP INTO THE DEMOGRAPHIC EXPLOSION IN THIS BOOMING MARKET.  Research Report #3: “12 Steps to Survive and Prosper in the Economic Winter Season”
5.   BONUS #1:   “The Dent Digest”...  This between issues weekly alert gives you insights and analysis on economic data and financial events that will impact your business, your investments and your family. This is for paid subscribers only, but comes free every Friday with your subscription via email.
6.  BONUS #2 : “5 Day Forecast”…Adam O’Dell, the Boom & Bust Portfolio Manager, will update you on what is happening in the markets and how it impacts your week ahead.
7.   BONUS #3 : 24/7 Access to the Dent Archives, where you’ll find every Boom & Bust issue published since 2011 (that’s 36 full issues at your fingertips).
8.  BONUS #4: Monthly Insight Videos. Each month, Rodney Johnson, my business partner and co-editor of Boom & Bust, tackles an important financial event and explains in plain English what it means to you and your money.  
So Why Does Harry Want to RUSH You This?
Because with each passing day, you have less time to get in on the ground-floor of some of the most exciting investment opportunities of your lifetime.
Because with each passing day, you have less time to protect and prepare your wealth and assets for what lies ahead…
And because with each passing day, you have less time to get ready for the coming Safe-Asset Slaughter that will rock the world to its very core.
There isn’t a moment to waste. I guarantee that from the very first page you’ll see that Harry’s research will change how you view the world, how you invest and how you prepare for what’s ahead.
All you need to do is give me your permission to receive everything listed above. As soon as I have that, I’ll rush you your welcome package.
All I need from you is…
Your final approval... FREE 3 Research Reports: 
#1) How to Profit Through the Coming Safe-Asset Slaughter
#2) Get Rich off the Demographic Dividend King!
#3) 12 Steps to Survive and Prosper in the Economic Winter Season
Your final approval...  our unique guarantee that allows you to try out 12 issues of Boom & Bust 100% risk-free: Each month Harry, his business partner Rodney Johnson, and their investment analyst Adam O’Dell will send you a letter detailing the latest economic and market developments or trends that could affect your wealth and lifestyle… and Adam will present an investment recommendation best-suited to take advantage of the situation.
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