Wednesday, August 17, 2016

[URGENT] It happening in 24 hours…

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | August 17, 2016

Dear Subscriber,

We’ve been waiting for over a week now… and it’s finally happening.

Tomorrow, at 4 p.m. EDT, during the FREE live broadcast event I’ll be hosting, Why Most Investors Suck Wind (And How to Guarantee YOU Don’t!)…

You’ll learn:

  • The truth about why “buy-and-hold” investing could be killing your financial future.
  • How one simple strategy can protect your portfolio when the next crisis hits… and also make you huge potential profits when it does!
  • What the best investors do to make money in any market condition… and how you can use this strategy to get in on the action.
  • The exact system Adam O’Dell’s been using to absolutely CRUSH the market over the past four years — producing a 46% average annual return and crushing the market by more than 400%.
  • How he consistently banks gains like 116%, 124%, 140%, 191%, 201%, 316% and 336%... ALL in under 90 days, no matter what the market is doing.
  • Why things like earnings estimates, the Fed, and who wins the White House don’t matter ONE BIT when it comes to your investments… and the only two things that do.
  • Why you don’t need a finance degree, high-level math skills, years of market experience, or a six-figure portfolio to be a successful investor.
  • How to IMMEDIATELY improve both your number of winning trades AND your profit per trade.
  • The secret to successfully trading any asset class in any market condition.
  • When to get in on an investment… and more importantly, when to stay out.
  • The single most important thing you need to do to reduce risk in your portfolio… that almost NO ONE is talking about.
We’ve already had thousands of people register for this event. And space is extremely limited at this point.

Time is short – so please claim your seat while there’s still a chance!

I’ll see you tomorrow for this very important broadcast.


Jake Hoffberg
Market Analyst, Dent Research 

P.S. Do you want to know how to make more money by taking less risk? If so, you need to block out an hour on your calendar and get in on this free webinar. 

Adam O’Dell is one of the smartest analysts I know… and his results speak for themselves. He’s beaten the market by more than 400% over the past four years using one of the safest investment strategies I’ve ever seen. 

Click here now for all the details.
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