Friday, October 21, 2016

October momentum

Evan McMullin for President


We've come a long way since August 8th — the day we launched this historic campaign. We started from scratch, with virtually no money and a relatively small group of passionate and principled folks ready to step up and do the right thing.

On the 30th of September, we worried that the movement we were building wouldn't have the resources to compete. We ended the reporting period with just over $4,000 cash on hand — even after a great surge coming out of the gate in August.

What followed was that folks like you — from across the county — stepped in, stepped up, and took the fight into your own hands. You wanted a better option, and you wanted us to fight — so we fought harder every day. We weren't going to let you down.

That's why, in what felt like nothing short of a miracle, it all changed. Evan's poll numbers shot up and we're now leading in Utah. Everyday folks — not lobbyists and Washington elites — stepped up to give whatever they could to make sure we kept that momentum going: our average contribution is just $35.

Will you match that with a $35 contribution of your own?

This campaign has always been about you. That's why the tide is rising, our movement is growing, and thousands come out every day not to hear a message of hate and division, but to hear a call to unity, true greatness, and American renewal.

We still have challenges. While we are up against the two least popular candidates in history, they do have a lot of money. But, we aren't afraid. We won't be deterred.

Donate $35 to make sure we can keep the momentum going strong.

The polls show we can win Utah. We can win Idaho. We can win in the Mountain West and beyond. This is now bigger than we dreamed. You got us this far. Let's take it all the way.


Joel Searby
Chief Strategist
McMullin for President


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