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That’s a wrap!

Economy and Markets
ECONOMY & MARKETS | October 29, 2016

So Long West Palm…
See You Soon Music City!

By Shannon Sands, Publisher, Dent Research

They were a spectacular and invigorating three days!

I know all of the guys have written to you this week with their final thoughts on IES 2016, so I'd like to offer some closing thoughts.

This, by far, was our best event yet.

From our esteemed panel of speakers who offered calm and shelter by way of knowledge as we approach some of the darkest days facing our economy and our markets…

To the 400-plus attendees who thanked us for the hard work with their enthusiasm and kind words.

It all came together beautifully!

Of course, it's a team effort so thanks are in order.

So, here's a big shout out to Jennifer (for her on the ground reporting), John (for emceeing), Jacquie, Stephanie, Amanda G. and Lory (for tending to the needs of our guests), Diana and the whole video crew (for taking care of our speakers), Brendan (our photographer), Ben (for keeping the live stream running while battling Internet outages across the U.S.!)… and last, but not least, Amanda K. for her tireless efforts in organizing the entire event.

And to each of you who I was so fortunate to meet… I look forward to crossing paths once again next year in Nashville.

That's right.

Music City will play host to our 5th Annual Irrational Economic Summit from Thursday, October 12 to Saturday, October 14 at the Renaissance Hotel. Mark your calendars now. Even better, secure your seat now and lock in the lowest prices we'll ever offer for the event.

We have some great ideas (and a few things) already in the works for keynote speakers next year, but I would love to hear from you, our dear readers, as well. Who would YOU like to listen to and meet next year at IES? Send me an email ( with the subject line: "Keynote." I can't wait to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

Now, let's talk about business this last week…

On Monday, October 24, bleary-eyed and exhausted, Harry wrote to Boom & Bust subscribers about his long-held opinion regarding economists.

After hearing Dr. Lacy Hunt speak at the Irrational Economic Summit again this year, Harry was once again painfully aware of how brilliant Dr. Hunt is… and how useless most other economists are. They're all theory and talk, with no real-world insights and any practical advice. On the other hand, Dr. Hunt, George Gilder and Steve Keen are the shining lights in an otherwise dark profession.

Harry's point to subscribers is that you should be especially careful about which economists you choose to listen to these days. There really are only a handful of them worthy of your time and trust, and now you know about three of them!

On Tuesday, October 25, Adam wrote to his Cycle 9 Alert subscribers about the asymmetry of risk and return, particularly in relation to how this has contributed to his success over the last five years. For Adam, there are three parts to successful investing:

  1. WIN more often than you LOSE (Cycle 9 Alert has a 68% win rate over the last five years, way better than the 50% coin toss of far too many strategies out there).

  2. Achieve an average PROFIT that is BIGGER than your average loss.

  3. Limit the amount of money you can lose on any one position (and buying options is perhaps one of the best ways to do this).

Those three "rules," if you will, have helped Cycle 9 Alert subscribers capture profits of 336% on Pan American Silver Corp… 316% on a volatility ETF… 201% on U.S. Steel… 197% on Rockwell Automation… 191% on Royal Dutch Shell… 140% on Titan Machinery… and 125% on Merck & Co., just to name a few.

Sure, they've endured losses as well, but thanks to point #3, those have been contained!

That's good advice to apply to your investing, whether or not you're a Cycle 9 Alert subscriber.

On Wednesday, October 26, John released his latest book – The Rule of 72: How to Compound Your Money and Uncover Hidden Stock Profits. Co-written with Tom Jacobs, the book details how the SEC legalized corporate lying back in 1982, and how companies have been using this legality to mislead you and other investors ever since... the six tests every stock must pass before you invest a single penny in it… details of the rock-solid stocks that are practically free… the #1 reason why investors lose money in the markets, and how you can avoid making this costly mistake… and so much more.

On Thursday, October 27, Charles complained that his housekeeper has a nicer car than him. Actually, he wasn't so much complaining as he was explaining the paradox of thrift and its impact on your wealth and the economy. If you missed that, read it now.

And right at 4 p.m., Lance sent his Treasury Profits Accelerator subscribers instructions to open a new trade the following morning. A sharp move higher in sovereign yields propelled long-term Treasury rates higher that day, and even though they're positioned nicely in a long-term play, his short-term algorithm has identified an overreaction. I'll let you know next week how this trade works out.

Finally, on Friday, October 28, Ben wrote to you about the DDoS attacks that brought the Internet to a standstill a week ago. Not only did he explain how it all went down, but he also highlighted what his MarketVOX Trader system is telling him about this event… and a potential second attack just 10 days from now. Read about it now.

That's it for this week.

We'll talk again next Saturday.


Shannon Sands
Publisher, Dent Research

P.S. If you haven't emailed me already about who you'd like to see as the Keynote speaker at Irrational Economic Summit 2017, go do that now. Your opinion is important to me. Send your email to, and remember to use "Keynote" in the subject line.

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