Monday, October 31, 2016

Zero dollars

Evan McMullin for President
Friend —

Zero dollars.

That's how much money our campaign has received from PACs: not one penny. We've also received zero dollars from Mitt Romney. Zero dollars from either President Bush. And yes, zero dollars from the Clinton Foundation.

What we have received is financial support from real Americans all over the country. Our average donation is only $35.

If you're worried about the impact money has on political campaigns, you're not alone. Many Americans fear that politicians who receive huge financial contributions will feel an obligation to the powerful interests behind those big checks.

This extraordinary campaign that has launched a previously unknown candidate within striking distance of winning electoral votes and making a real impact on this election, is a genuine grassroots effort.

If politicians feel obligated to those who finance their campaigns, then Evan is indebted to no one but you, the American people.

You are the ones who, when seeking a better choice for President, gave our campaign a chance. You are the ones who made your own signs and t-shirts, painted your car windows, and printed your own flyers to hand out to your neighbors.

You are 100% of the support for our campaign, and we deeply appreciate it.

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— Sarah

Sarah Rumpf
Digital Communications Director
McMullin for President


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