Monday, November 7, 2016


Evan McMullin for President

Tomorrow is Election Day, the day we will write our political future.

Right now, all eyes are on Utah where we have the best chance to win and deny both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the White House.

But, this isn't only an election. It's a mission. It's a movement. And, it's an opportunity to tell the world that we stand for liberty and equality and that hope rules the day in the United States of America.

We feel confident about Utah, and yet no matter the outcome, we are building a new conservative movement in this election and beyond. Amazingly, in a few short months you and millions of others have stood with us, and for that we are honored and humbled.

Together, we are standing on principle to give our fellow Americans a choice — between light and dark, liberty and tyranny, and hope and fear.

Our opponents believe they're entitled to your vote — the reality is they're not. Your vote is yours alone. Your vote is your voice. And, no one can silence you.

Let's take a stand on Election Day, and let's raise our collective voice for a new generation of leadership.

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