Friday, November 18, 2016

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | November 18, 2016

Hi, Harry Dent here.

I’m writing to tell you about brand new research coming from a member of my team – John Del Vecchio.

Some of you follow his Forensic Investor research service where he uses his 20-plus years of high-level Wall Street experience to “short” companies that are on their deathbed or that cheat you out of well-deserved returns.

But I'm not writing to you today about Forensic Investor. And this has nothing to do with shorting either.

You see, John is now using that same forensic accounting research to instead find hidden profits on companies that are making SMART business decisions with their cash that end up paying the shareholder first! 

The kinds of companies that have returned 748% gains since the year 2000... and that many folks would NEVER think to invest in. 

And he's doing it all inside Dent Research's NEWEST monthly newsletter that he unveiled Tuesday night.

After looking over what he's come up with, I'm eager to see the kinds of opportunities he finds going into 2017 in this wild market.

For just the price of ONE cup of coffee each month, I think you will be too. You can review his presentation that lays out all the details of Dent Research's NEWEST publication right here.


P.S. You might be wondering why I'd be on board with buying ANY stock given how far I see the market falling next year... but John's expertise and his 26-point screening system (he calls it "the Meat Grinder for stocks") allow him to find companies who are doing business the RIGHT way. That means that when this crash occurs, these are going to be stocks that weather this storm the best... and that you'll still want to own when it all shakes out. You'll see what I mean, right here.
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