Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Keep the faith

Evan McMullin for President

Many dubbed our campaign as a foolish, long-shot effort. They said it'd never work — that we shouldn't waste our time.

Yet, in the face of overwhelming odds, we've pressed on. How? We've kept the faith.

Faith isn't a blind, foolish following or belief. It's a very solid thing. Faith is founded in experience and wisdom. Often times in life, we bridge the gap of the unknown by taking the proverbial "leap."

In August, our team leaped in. We didn't know what was ahead. Now, here we are on the verge of making history. And, in a position to potentially block both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from reaching 270 Electoral College votes. We believe this is a very real possibility given recent polling.

If we can send this thing to the House of Representatives, we think we've got a solid shot at pulling it off. Yes, Evan McMullin can become the next President of the United States. It is legally, mathematically, and politically possible.

So what do we do when something is possible but not yet seen? We keep the faith and make the leap.

Will you entrust us with one more sacrificial contribution to help us finish strong? We will not give up, and we still believe. Join us.

Keep the faith,

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