Tuesday, July 11, 2017

VIDEO: Dinesh D'Souza reveals how Obama & Hillary destroyed the Democratic Party

Dinesh D'Souza joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends this morning to reveal why Hillary and Obama are responsible for the dismal state of affairs at the DNC, and why Democrats can't seem to learn their lesson.

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  1. So -- the Democratic Party has been destroyed? The results prove that D'Souza is lying.

    In an election on July 11, 2017, Democrats flipped two seats in the blood-red Oklahoma state legislature from Republican to Democratic. Democrats flipped a state House seat in New Hampshire and a state Assembly seat in New York in May. In both elections, the Democrat not only won, but also overperformed Clinton’s numbers last fall by 11 percent and 39 percent, respectively. Additionally, Democrats have held key seats in the Iowa, Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, and South Carolina legislatures and have overperformed in 19 out of the 26 two-party legislative and congressional special elections held since Trump’s election in November.

    Looks to me as though it's Trump who has destroyed the Republican Party while the Democratic Party is gathering steam to flip the Virginia General Assembly in November 2017 and both the US House and Senate in November 2018.