Friday, July 28, 2017

Wayne Allyn Root: The link between the Nazis and America today

Wayne Allyn Root understands the link between Nazi Germany and the American Left today: the progressives are now and have always been driving the fascist movement in America.


  1. Virginia's 99th District Tea Party is dead. Good riddance.

    The 99th District Tea Party is dead, dead, dead.

    This confirms it. Check out the status of their certificate of incorporation on the Virginia state corporate filings website where you find this entry:

    Due to the current status of this corporation an annual report is not allowed.

    That notice is filed only on the pages of those corporations that are OUT OF BUSINESS and have notified the state of their demise.

    Why did the 99th District Tea Party die? And why is the Montross Tea Party dying? Several reasons.

    1. They were not a true grass-roots organization. Instead, they were formed and nurtured by big money rightwing Republicans. Now that the Tea Party is no longer needed, the money dried up.

    2. Membership dwindled to near nothing as members either died, moved away, or moved into nursing homes. After all, the average age of both 99th District and Montross Tea Parties was pushing 80.

    3. Their meetings became more and more bizarre, thereby frightening off the few of them who had good sense. Don Johnson -- himself a raving loon -- led the 99DTP into virulent anti-Muslim, "prepare for the collapse of western civilization" crap. Finally, the members waked up and dumped him. But, by then, the damage was done.

    4. Don Johnson again. In October 2015, he chaired a candidates' forum in Kilmarnock where he shouted down people he did not like, leading several people to leave the 99DTP.

    5. The Monrtoss Tea Party is in the same situation. They are not meeting regularly. Instead, they meet only when the Board of Directors thinks they need to meet. Certified dingbat Roger Meredith is gaining more and more power in the group, a move that is driving away over half the members.

    I don't know of anyone who is shedding any tears over the demise of both these freak shows.

  2. Trump's ties to Russia . . . Trump is in Putin's hip pocket.

    Money: The Trup-Russian laundromat -- where Trump launders dirty money for Russians.

    Read the full text of Bill Browder's testimony: How the Russians got their hooks into Trump.

    Donald Trump's Bullshit: This excellent website has page after page of articles describing in documented detail the connections between Russia, Russian mob money, Putin, and Trump.