Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Check your phone bill


Have you taken a look at your cell phone bill recently? The average American pays roughly 17% in combined federal, state, and local government wireless taxes and fees each month on their bill, according to research by the Tax Foundation. We should all be able to agree that something needs to be done about this – especially since, for many Americans, cell phones are increasingly their sole means of communication and connectivity. It's unfair for the government to single out one set of consumers (like wireless users) -- yet that is exactly what they are continuing to do.

I'm championing a bill to stop state and local governments from tacking on any new taxes and fees on specific communications services, like wireless, for five years.  During this freeze, there is time for state and local governments to make common sense changes to their communications tax structures, modernizing them to reflect current usage patterns. Take a look at H.R. 1087.

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P.S. Recently, I also supported a bill to keep internet access tax-free, take a look here.

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