Monday, August 7, 2017

D'Souza DESTROYS Democrat Antifa thugs on "Fox & Friends"

Progressives have allowed their own extremists to take over the Democratic Party, and as a result, we are seeing more and more intolerance, violence, and censorship from the Left.


  1. You mean convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza?

    Did you ever wonder why the ONLY show he appears on is something on Fox?

    No one else has him one because he's a lying piece of shit.

  2. We cannot sustain this level of insanity for four years . . . ...we can't even sustain it for the next 2 years.

    I know everyone is saying we need to prepare for the 2018 midterms. And we absolutely need to prepare for the 2018 midterms. They are crucial. They are critical.

    But even so, those are still over 15 months away at this point. Trump has been in office for just a little over 6 months.

    And in those 6 months, Trump has proven himself to be far and away the most mentally unstable, mentally unhinged and entirely incompetent individual to ever hold the office of the US Presidency. No one, not even Nixon at his most paranoid, is even close to Trump's level.

    It is a truly unprecedented situation.

    This is at a point where it should transcend politics and partisanship at this point. As tough as it is, just for a short moment put aside things like the healthcare debate--Republicans will continue to threaten the ACA so long as they have a majority in Congress and an ally in the White House.

    This goes beyond even that. This goes to bare bones matters of basic qualifications for office. It goes to matters of mental fitness for duty. We shouldn't be having that conversation about any President--Democrat, Republican, whatever. George W. Bush was lazy, unmotivated and not particularly bright, but it was never at this extreme crisis level. Not even then.

    Yesterday truly brought it all home. The President of the United States goes to what should have been--and has always been--a light hearted, ceremonial photo-op: a Boy Scout jamboree. Something where you'd expect him to say a few clich├ęd words about the youth being the future of the country, reach for your dreams, you can do anything, yada yada yada. Standard fluff. Instead, this Madman who calls himself our President launches into a vitriolic attack yet again against political opponents and the media, goes off on wildly inappropriate tangents insinuating sexcapades on yachts, going on about his political victory. In front of Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts.

    He's a lunatic. The President of the United States is a lunatic. And that is one hell of a problem that we cannot ignore.

    And while we look to November 2018 as being the light at the end of the tunnel, there's just no telling what could happen that could close that tunnel shut. We have that bullshit "voter fraud" commission entirely in the hands of Trump. And if there is any sort of major crisis or terrorist attack that arises in the interim, God help us.

    I'll never forget the feeling waking up on the morning of November 9, 2016 and a sense of extreme anxiety washing over me--there was a sense that this country could be headed towards a very dark place if left unchecked. It was a feeling of vulnerability that I had never, ever felt before as an American citizen. It left me--for the first time in my life--quite literally shaking.

    As we stand now, we are still a Democracy, but we are a Democracy under extreme stress. I don't know what the breaking point is. I hope we will never see that breaking point, but that's going to require people to stand up and do the right thing. People who we normally wouldn't agree with. People who we probably won't agree with even after this trial of conscience is over.

    In short, what needs to happen might seem like a miracle, but then a miracle is what we'll need. There needs to be just enough individuals who will place loyalty to country over party politics, even if just for this one limited and extreme and unprecedented circumstance.

    This horror show needs to end, and it needs to end as soon as possible.

  3. JESUSCHRIST -- what a dump!!!

    The Peninsula Tea Party website is registered to Robert Alexander, 615 Cary's Chapel Road, Yorktown, VA.

    Check out the address on Google Earth.

    The place is a DUMP -- old VW bus on jackstands in driveway; an old VW Thing, painted in American flag colors, buried in weeds behind the bus; a third car behind the Thing in the weeds; gutters sagging and covered in mold; fascia sagging and moldy; mold all over roof; driveway cracked, weeds growing through the joints; mold all over front porch posts and rails.

    We know this is the dump where Robert Bruce Alexander lives because, if we check out his public Google account page, we find photos of the old VW Thing and photos of his house in seasonal decorations.

    Then, there's 51-yr-old Melissa Alexandra who seems to take great delight in posting nearly-naked photos of herself on Facebook.

    Screwed up people . . . no wonder they are Tea Partiers.

  4. Not only is the 99th District Tea Party long dead and forgotten, but now it seems the Montross Tea Party is on the way out.

    Last meeting was April 4.

    No regularly scheduled meetings . . . they meet only when the Board of Directors calls a meeting.

    Their Memorial Day observance was attended by about a dozen people.

    Nothing posted on their Facebook or Twitter pages since Memorial Day.

    Of course, when your membership is mental midgets on the order of Roger Meredith and Ray Dabney, what else would you expect?

    Meanwhile, the 99th District Tea Party:
    -- Website down since early 2016
    -- Facebook not updated since April 2015
    -- Twitter not updated since May 2014
    -- State corporation commission website has de-listed them
    -- No meetings since summer 2016, if then

    Now it looks as though Edgar Doleman, 2412 Mila Road, Heathsville, has resigned as the Registered Agent for the 99th District Tea Party. Also appears the 99DTP has folded for real -- their corporate charter is no longer available from the Virginia corporation commission.

    Don Johnson is the failed past president of the 99th District Tea Party. Under Don's "leadership," the 99DTP went belly-up because the folks attending the meetings and participating in their few activities gave up on ol' Don as he became more and more detached from reality.

    For example:

    Don presided over several meetings where he invited rabid anti-Muslim loons to speak, one of whom even claimed CIA Director John Brennan "converted to Islam."

    Following the anti-Muslim meetings, Don chaired a meeting where he raved like a madman, encouraging everyone to "prepare for the worst" -- you know -- stock up on food, water, fuel, ammunition.

    Then, in late 2013, Don presided over a forum for local candidates where he interrupted people with whom he disagreed and basically made an ass of himself.

    After these episodes of madness, 99DTP meetings declined to 5 - 7 attendees and old line members such as Doleman and the Nieras hung it up.

    There is talk among those who know him that ol' Don is in early stages of dementia (or maybe further along than that).

    Meanwhile, he continues to re-tweet on his Twitter feed the usual rants about nothing of any value.

    I do notice that one of his favorites is "Operation American Spring." Would someone tell Don that OAS was a BUST -- BIG FAIL -- COLLAPSED FROM LACK OF INTEREST. OAS was supposed to attract a million or more people to DC in May 2013 where they were going to march on the White House and remove Obama, then, move on to the Capitol where they would remove Pelosi, Schumer, and assorted other Democrats. Harry Riley, a retired Army colonel, who organized OAS, never showed up. Of the 1 million that Riley anticipated, about two dozen appeared, hung around the Mall for a few hours, then left. Maybe Don will take the hint and remove the Operation American Spring from his Twitter site and stop embarrassing himself.

    Of course, ol' Don is an embarrassment himself, so, don't expect him to do anything except keep on raving.