Sunday, August 6, 2017

VIDEO: D'Souza UNLEASHES on Democrats over cover-up of Nazi ties

The Left's disingenuous rhetoric strips "fascism" of real meaning in an attempt to cover up their own sordid past. Unfortunately for them, Dinesh knows all about their connections to the worst fascists and Nazis in human history.


  1. REMINDER: If this situation were reversed, and there was even the slightest whiff of evidence that Putin had helped Hillary Clinton win the election, Republicans would be holding an impeachment vote today.

    Republicans don't believe in democracy anymore, people. They're fascists now. The only thing they care about is gaining power and retaining power, and they don't care what kind of unpatriotic crap they have to do to get that (treason, voter suppression, partisan gerrymandering, voter caging, etc. etc. etc., the list goes on and on).

    They even have their own right wing propaganda media bubble (Fox, Breitbart, Infowars, etc.) that they use to keep their base of voters angry, stupid and misinformed.

    The resistance against Trump and Republicans isn't just about policy, it's also about fighting off the fascism that the anti-American Republican traitors want to replace our democracy.

  2. is registered to:

    Name: Robert Alexander
    Address: 615 Cary's Chapel Road
    City: Yorktown
    State/Province: VA
    Zip: 23693
    Country: US
    Phone: 757-593-1719
    Fax: 508-355-0594

    This is the famous "Robert Bruce Alexander." What is it about these rightwing wackadoodles using their full names? I mean . . . there's "Stephen Brodie Tucker," the resident fool at The Bull Elephant.

    Meanwhile, use Google Earth to check out Robert Bruce Alexander's home address -- 615 Cary's Chapel Road, Yorktown. The place is a DUMP -- three old cars up on blocks beside the garage, roof needed replacing ten years ago . . .