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Local Coordinator: Weekly Webinar Wrap Up - November 14, 2011

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Weekly Webinar | Wrap Up 11.14.11

Local Coordinators:

Here is the legislative update (click here or right click and save as) for this week.

Here is what was covered on the call last night.
Webinar Information:
  1. Deal in the District - Thursday, November 17, 2011 at noon local time
    We are calling for a Deal in the District this Thursday, November 17. If you can get your groups to your local rep's offices, we need as many people to show up as possible. Even if there are only a few people who show up to each office, it will make a huge difference. Local offices typically do not get many visitors, so let's give them something to let the DC office know about. You can find more information here.
  2. Debate Update
    The debate we were going to try to sponsor on 11/28/2011 is not going to happen. We are looking into hosting a debate in the early part of next year and we will keep you posted.
  3. Website Update
    Steve Davies, our National Technology Coordinator, was on the call last night to walk everyone through the new website. We are very excited to finally have this new tool for you to use and updates will be made to it constantly to continue to give you the tools you need. One thing to note of importance, if you are logging in for the first time to the new site, you will need to click on the "Forgot Password" link to reset your password. Your old username or the email you used to register on the old site will work as the username for the new site. If you need help, click here.
  4. Plans for next year
    40 Year goal is to instill our values in the hearts and minds in over 60% of voters and citizens in this country. Educating our supporters about Real spending cuts as opposed to the gimmicks that politicians in Washington, DC keep implementing. Deal in the District this week to target Representatives. Then target the Senate with phone calls at the end of the week. The Super Committee is just a way to kick the can down the road. In January the Caucuses and Pramaries begin. Local Coordinator conference in Charleston, SC January 20-22. Leadership Institute training will continue into the new year. Will continue to watch Congress and turn the heat up when necessary. In late February or early March, phase 2 of the website should be ready to roll out. This will include voter id section that will allow you to have walking lists to go out into your communities to identify voters who are likely to vote for our values. This will help equip you to get out the vote next fall as well as help you identify what issues people care about so we can call on them when those issues are up for a vote in Congress. LI Training will continue through July and voter ID will continue through September. In July of next year people should be really engaged because of the coming Presidential election. In August the RNC is holding their convention in Tampa, FL, then in September the DNC is holding their convention in Charlotte, NC. On September 15, we are looking into doing a nationwide event. Most likely in Pennsylvania. We are looking at locations and budget. Hope to announce something in early December so people have sufficient time to plan. Will most likely be an outdoor event. Will be more of a pep rally to get people excited about elections. There will be no Presidential candidates speaking because of our tax status. In October we will shift from voter id to getting out the vote to encourage all of the poeple who we've identified to go and vote. Voter registration deadlines usually happen in late September or early October. We are partnering with Smart Girl Politics for voter registration next year. We're partnering with True the Vote to help keep elections clean. Early voting begins in October, so GOTV will be important. After elections, we plan to do another freshmen orientation. We would like to extend this to the states as well. In January of 2013 new President and new Congress will be sworn in. That's when the real work begins again and we must hold their feet to the fire.
  5. LC Conference in Charleston, SC in January
    We will be having another Local Coordinator Conference, January 20-22, 2012. 
  6. Questions, Comments, Feedback

Talk to you soon!

Jenny Beth

Tea Party Patriots, National Coordinator

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