Friday, May 18, 2012

Day One



This election is about more than electing a president. We are choosing the kind of America we will live in today -- and the kind of America we will leave our children tomorrow.

Mitt Romney has a vision for America. It is an America driven by a growing middle class. An America that lets free enterprise work. An America where education, hard work, and living within our means are valued and rewarded.

And that's exactly what we can expect America to be under President Romney. As a trusted supporter, you deserve to be the first to see our latest TV ad outlining President Romney's agenda on day one.

Day One Video

While there's much to be done, there's simply no time to waste on approving the Keystone Pipeline, introducing tax cuts for job creators, and replacing Obamacare.

Many Americans have given up on this President, but they've never thought about giving up. Not on themselves. Not on each other. We can put these last few years of disappointment and decline behind us.

We can restore America's greatness -- beginning on day one with President Romney. So I ask for your support to help make that a reality.

Donate $10 today to help us turn America around and defeat Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats in November.


Matt Rhoades

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