Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MichelleMalkin.com Newsletter - May 1, 2012

Good afternoon, everyone! Here's the MichelleMalkin.com newsletter for May 1st. Enjoy!
A note from Michelle:
All, please take a moment to read this special message from Tom LaDuke and Fingers Malloy at FTR Radio. Tom Reynolds is a wonderful guy and he needs our help. Thank you so much!

From the Blog

Everything you need to know about Occupy in one photo

It's May Day. I'm occupying my job, how about you? The Occupiers are out wreaking havoc, breaking windows, cursing at cops, and telling everyone else not to work. In other words: Just another day at the office. I mean encampment. Or streets. Or parents' basement. Or whatever...

Forward, Lurch

The other day, the Obama campaign unveiled their new slogan for 2012: "Forward." Aside from the obvious ties to MSNBC's promotions department, assorted historical associations as well as reminders of email options, the word normally implies looking and moving ahead...

'Happy May Day, now go kill'

And they called the Tea Party terrorists…

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