Wednesday, May 2, 2012 Newsletter - May 2, 2012

Good afternoon, everyone! Here's the newsletter for May 2nd. Enjoy!

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'Sacaja-whiner': Elizabeth Warren and the Oppression Olympics

Elizabeth Warren is the Harvard law professor running for Senate in Massachusetts as a Democratic populist-progressive champion. But don't call her "Elizabeth Warren." Call her "Pinocchio-hontas," "Chief Full-of-Lies," "Running Joke" or "Sacaja-whiner..."

CNN sees lowest ratings in a decade

CNN's ratings have been sinking so fast that this spring they came very close to beating James Cameron to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. As a matter of fact, April was CNN's lowest rated month in over ten years...

MSM: Anarchists arrested for bridge bomb plot

From the "imagine if there was a Tea Party connection to this" file, we find this… Arrests have been made in a bomb plot sting in the Cleveland, Ohio area...

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FANTASTIC video from Veterans for a Strong America: Why does President Obama take so much credit for killing Bin Laden?

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