Thursday, September 8, 2016

FWD: First Look at the Bubble Model – CORRECTION

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My apologies.

In the excitement we’re all feeling here at Dent Research as we get closer to the launch of Harry’s newest book – The Sale of a Lifetime – we accidentally included a link that in fact didn’t take you to a free copy of the book at all, but instead to an offer for a free copy of Harry’s last book, The Demographic Cliff. It’s a great book, and if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you grab your free copy.

The Sale of a Lifetime will be available on Amazon next Thursday, September 15, so please mark your calendars and be sure to check it out. This is a must-read, especially because of the future that Harry’s Bubble Model is forecasting!

– Shannon
From: Shannon Sands
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Subject: First Look at the Bubble Model
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ECONOMY & MARKETS | September 08, 2016

First Look at the Bubble Model
Dear Reader,

Every time we see a major collapse in stocks, experts declare it a “black swan event.” That, or they say that is was totally unpredictable.

But I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong.

Major booms and busts are, in fact, very predictable. And Harry’s developed a model – the very first of its kind – to prove it.

All of the details can be found inside this month’s issue of Boom & Bust.

Using the Bubble Model – the primary method of analysis behind Harry’s latest book, The Sale of a Lifetime – Harry can determine with remarkable accuracy where bubbles begin, and more importantly, where they will end.

Right now, he sees two areas reaching declines of more than 60% in the years ahead. Talk about a crash landing!

For the full story, and to get a free copy of The Sale of a Lifetime, be sure to go here right now.


Shannon Sands
Publisher, Dent Research
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