Monday, September 19, 2016

It doesn’t matter what the markets do today…

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | September 19, 2016

Dear Subscriber,

The last couple weeks have been pretty hectic in the markets.

There’s uncertainty about the election… investors are watching the Fed to see if they decide to raise rates this week… and the Dow’s been swinging wildly in either direction as a result!

It’s that roller coaster ride that seems to have convinced many of our Dent readers to latch onto a simple, but incredibly successful, trading strategy that we revealed last month.

It allows you to ignore all of this news and let go of the irrational, emotional decisions you would make as a trader… because in reality NONE of it matters when it comes to making money in the markets!

This strategy has given our readers the opportunity to pocket some amazing returns over the last year… including gains of 106%... 111%… 65%… 106%… 165%… and 225%!

But here’s the thing… the special presentation we put together to show you how it all works will be coming offline tomorrow night.

After that, I’m not sure when we’ll be running it again.

That’s why I encourage you to watch this special briefing right now to find out how one simple concept can change your portfolio forever!


Shannon Sands
Publisher, Dent Research
Economy & Markets daily

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