Friday, September 2, 2016

Low-Wage Hires Dominate in August

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Low-Wage Hires Dominate in August

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. economy hired 151,000 nonfarm workers in August, disappointing analyst expectations of 180,000 jobs. The private sector added 126,000 jobs. The national unemployment rate is a steady 4.9%.

Dent Research's analysis of 84 major industries found that the majority of jobs added in August (54%) fell below the measured median wage. More striking, we found that 28% of new hires fell into the lowest-paying of our 12 wage "buckets."

Restaurants and bars led all industries, adding 34,000 workers. This industry has hired 312,000 workers in 2016. Unfortunately, it's the second-lowest paying industry we measure. Workers earn an average of just $13.47 per hour. Social assistance businesses came in second with 21,700 workers. These jobs pay just $15.93 per hour, on average.

Rodney Johnson, Dent Research President and Index creator said: "The employment report was very disappointing, but not because of the headline number. Instead, it was the concentration of jobs in the lowest wage tier that made the month a disaster. This is exactly why we calculate the index – to show what's not evident in the initial government release." 

Each month Dent Research produces detailed charts depicting where the job additions fall along the wage scale:

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The Dent Research Employment Index digs beneath the BLS' headline numbers to measure the quality of jobs added each month. It provides a more complete picture of the job market by tracking where jobs are being created along the wage scale. For a more detailed explanation of our methodology, please click here to view our employment white paper.

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