Friday, September 9, 2016

What today's big drop means for you

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | September 09, 2016

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I've been saying it for a while now...

We're living inside the greatest financial bubble in history and each day it continues, that bubble gets closer to bursting.

And today is a HUGE step toward that inevitable explosion.

This morning's drop in the market (down 293 points as I write this) bring us another step closer to the greatest crash we'll see in our lifetimes. 

The Fed's easy money policies are a big part of what got us to this point. And now even they know they can't keep it up much longer. 

Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren just said this morning that failing to raise interest rates this month could risk overheating the U.S. economy... and Wall Street panicked! 

You can expect even more days like this as the Fed moves toward their next rate hike. But there's an even greater danger hiding in plain sight in the markets right now... and that's what will truly lead to this massive financial meltdown.

My research shows this threat is at its highest point since the Great Depression. And today's market downturn will look like a day at the park compared to what's to come.

That's why I've prepared a special presentation detailing everything you absolutely need to know RIGHT NOW to prepare yourself and protect what you've made these last seven years... before you risk losing it all.

You can access it, free of charge, right here. Please hurry.


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