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50 Things Liberals Love to Hate: Mike is our team’s Jon Stewart

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"It's not funny, but you'll have to buy the book to find out what's in it."
— Nancy Pelosi

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Mike Gallagher's new book 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate explains why liberals hate the things Americans love. And why they try and steal them from us (for our own good, they claim).

They want to take away The Constitution, The Bible, V-8 Engines and Steakhouses, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart, babies and senior citizens, John Wayne, The Pilgrims, and more.

"Our side needs more humor, and Mike is our team’s Jon Stewart"
— Newt Gingrich

Order the book NOW, and find out what 50 things made Gallagher's list!
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It’s filled with insights like this:

“A woman with a gun is scarier than an NFL linebacker without one.”
— On the 2nd Amendment

“When liberals hear a southern twang, what their brain actually hears is, ‘Hey, I’m a slow witted inbreed without a single thought in my head. Or teeth.’ Think “Hee-Haw” meets “Mississippi Burning” meets “Sling Blade” and you get the picture of The South inside the average liberals mind.”
— On The South, and Regional Bigotry

So you wanna be a best selling author?

Join our contest! Here’s how it works. Buy the book, and read the chapters.Then write your own chapter, and tell us why you think yours should be included as the 51st chapter in the paperback version of the book. Submit it to Mike’s Facebook page, and the winner will get $1,000 and a paperback copy with their chapter in it!

About Mike Gallagher

Along with being one of America's top radio hosts, Mike Gallagher has been a great friend to 2016. He hosted early screenings in Dallas and Greenville to multiple packed theaters. If you want humor and insight about the American political landscape please pick up his book.

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