Thursday, September 6, 2012

The David beats Goliath story of the Year!

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2016: Obama's America
Yes, we did build this! - 2016 started in 1 theater to grow to over 2,000 this weekend

You have helped 2016 become a box office phenomenon and national talking point. 2016 Obama's America opened on one screen in Houston on July 13. One week later, in four screens, a month later on 169 screens. And finally we reached nationwide release status with 1,091 screens on August 24. We are in over 2,000 theaters this weekend! Thank you for helping to raise the national conversation around the future of America.

Co-Director John Sullivan commented to the NY Daily:

"[W]e probably don't even have the catering budget of the 'Dark Knight ...  We knew this would be a word of mouth Movie'"

Why is 2016 a huge blockbuster that captured the attention and attendance of people from every political spectrum?  Mark Joseph, who helped handle marketing commented:

"The producers did some testing early on that yielded some surprising and counterintuitive results: it played very well among ...  independents."

This is despite the opposition the movie has received, as the Examiner reports:

"It's been an uphill promotional battle for the film's creators. The movie has been absent from online and newspaper listings without good cause which means people must take great effort to find where and when the film is being shown in some parts of the country."

Thank you!

It is because of your support: bringing your friends, telling your family, and spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter that got us here. We appreciate you, and are grateful for your support. Thank you for the thousands of e-mails of support. Thank you for requesting theaters. Thank you for the noise you have made. It gave us the platform to get our story out to theaters. Keep it up!

We are shocking the industry and moving it to recognize that something is missing in Hollywood! Help us continue to do that!

HBO's Bill Maher features Dinesh D'Souza and gets biggest ratings in 8 years!
Exclusive film clip from 2016 Obama’s America: Dartmouth...
Obama's America is #1 on the Bestseller List

The NY Times bestseller list ranks Obama's America as #1 bestselling book. Buy it now at

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We will be in over 2,000 theaters from Sept 7. - Sept 13.
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